Things I Have Learned from Working Retail Jobs


 Ladies and Gentlemen, I finally made it to the big league. I achieved the status that all retail workers dream of. I became a supervisor. In reality, no one wanted the job and I thought fuck it but as of… Continue Reading


Conquering the COLD- Superhuman Abilities

Wim Hof emerging from ice water

 RULE YOUR BODY It may seem superhuman, but it is actually possible to train your body to adapt and thrive in cold conditions. Such instances are seen with Wim Hof (THE ICEMAN), Tibetan Monks and even cold/ice water swimmers. What… Continue Reading


Being a Badass in the Gym- 5 tips for COMPLETE Observer Emasculation

Rise above AVERAGE

 YOU ARE  A Jacked, Ripped BADASS waiting to flex out of the confines of normality You are a badass Spartan warrior. You are that prison yard beast. You are that unlikely hero escaping epic explosions on the back of a motorbike. So yeah, you… Continue Reading


Secrets and Myths EXPOSED- Six Pack Abs- Part two


 The SECRETS of how to get a six pack You’ve gotten here. You’ve hopefully read the article prior to this one (part one) and are now better able to see through the miasma surrounding fat loss in conventional wisdom. The… Continue Reading