Warning: May Contain Politics


 I wrote last year about Scottish Politics, in light of the Scottish Independence Referendum stating why I chose to vote yes. Politically speaking, if you enjoy (are sad enough) to be interested in politics as a teenager, or a Scot,… Continue Reading


6 Weird and Wonderful Products of the Internet


 The internet is a truly wonderful place filled with mystical magic and excitment. However, it is also sometimes a black hole of bizarre hyperlinks, strange trends and photos that sucks people in and makes no sense. I (personally speaking) love… Continue Reading


Things I Have Learned from Working Retail Jobs


 Ladies and Gentlemen, I finally made it to the big league. I achieved the status that all retail workers dream of. I became a supervisor. In reality, no one wanted the job and I thought fuck it but as of… Continue Reading


Conquering the COLD- Superhuman Abilities

Wim Hof emerging from ice water

 RULE YOUR BODY It may seem superhuman, but it is actually possible to train your body to adapt and thrive in cold conditions. Such instances are seen with Wim Hof (THE ICEMAN), Tibetan Monks and even cold/ice water swimmers. What… Continue Reading