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This article is a long time overdue… to the extent that I’ve actually done two ’rounds’ of this program with much success. I was introduced to Greg O’Gallagher’s work properly sometime last year through one of those YouTube update emails on the people you’ve subscribed to. Well, it was related to training so I decided to give it a watch. I went into it being highly critical and assumed to get as much pleasure out of it as a Mike Chang- Six Pack Shortcuts- video. But I was pleasantly surprised. He wasn’t reciting the old bro science nonsense. I’ve been very into fitness and being strong from a very young age…in fact… I think I’ve always wanted to look AWESOME and be crazy strong. So over the years I’ve gotten really into seeing through the conventional bull in the fitness and nutritional industry. Greg was talking about building the Hollywood Superhero Physique 


Lately I found out that I had seen one of his YouTube videos years ago, it was a grimy looking flexing video to show the effectiveness of Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building program but, heck, I must have decided to subscribe…

So this is how I was introduced. I was interested but not quite sold yet. I checked out his Kinobody website, something I also recommend you to do if you haven’t already, as well as his YouTube channels. It wasn’t until the Christmas period was approaching that I finally caved and put some faith in his programs. I tried the Aggressive Fat Loss Program for 6 weeks and DAMN! It worked better than I could have hoped.

In only 6 weeksIn my before picture I was tensing really hard and I had actually lost about 1 stone over the summer. Not saying it was entirely fat, it definitely wasn’t, but I considered myself leaner than I had been in a while. In my after picture… I wasn’t even trying to flex all that hard. I had never seen my abs like that before! My waist shrunk several inches and I got to show off a leaner body after the Christmas break rather than lamenting over all the weight gained like everyone else. My clothes fitted me better. I stopped feeling worried that my t-shirts would hug my midsection too tightly. Before I felt like my level of leanness just fluctuated and that I had no control over how good I looked. When I walked around in public I had a John Wayne Swagger. I wore my jeans like I had the cool of James Dean. When you feel like you’ve got a great body then you don’t have to flex to feel like you look amazing!

So with the first round of this program I felt a little more hungry than I did the second time. Not to say that I felt starved or anything, just had to incorporate a few strategies to not overeat. I wasn’t used to actually looking at the amount of calories in what I’m eating or really recording anything. Eating at a deficit was definitely unusual. I’m no stranger to fasting and, although I hate coffee, I had adopted drinking it and found it has some interesting appetite suppressing qualities. To feel fuller while eating on the deficit I would drink hot chocolate with my meal and it worked very well. Once my 6 weeks were up I managed to keep the fat off and it actually felt hard to get all the food in to simply eat at maintenance level.

So… the second round of this program. I had let myself totally fall off the wagon and, from a solid month of hardly eating, my strength and physique suffered. I felt like I looked like shit… I decided to get back into training using another one of Greg’s Programs, the Greek God Muscle Building program. The specifics of that are best left for another post.start 2.. but after eating at maintenance/ with a surplus I suddenly realised it was 6 weeks exactly until my 21st birthday.  Cue round 2 of the aggressive fat loss!

< Okay, so maybe I didn’t look too terrible here. I had got my shit together for a bit but I was definitely ready to see how far I could push it. I have a YouTube Channel that I’ve been using to document both my training and physique progression.


Each week I saw good progress. Eating at a deficit was easy. Infact, I actually sometimes found it challenging to manage to eat enough! I mean, how many people can say they struggle to eat enough while getting ripped?

Considering I wasn’t always tracking food everyday, not being exact with macros and such I think its a pretty good transformation! You should check out all my other weeks inbetween. It was an amazing experience, yet again! What I did find was that in week 5, which you can click here to checkout , is that I looked a little less defined than the week before. I had done my regular training coupled with an hour of intense sports the day before. On top of all that I ate some foods that don’t agree with me all the time. So rather than having gained fat… I was just a little bloated. The effect went away in only 1-2 days. So when trying to achieve a goal of fat loss its important to remember the effects of bloating.

So would I recommend the Aggressive Fat Loss Program? HELL YEAH! Head over to www.kinobody.com and check it out!

If you want to see more then Subscribe to my YouTube Channel or email me at TheChecklist94@gmail.com

Until my next article…Good luck!!

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