Greek God Muscle Building- Three Months of Kinobody


Three months of training… only three months but DAMN…I’m feeling strong. This program has taken me from the weakest and muscle lacking I’ve ever felt into new physique standards. I’ve never been able to build up my deltoid’s and biceps before. Now, with strength focused training, I’ve been able to not only gain strength but also a nice amount of size while staying lean! I even have managed to trim down my waist since the start. Getting into Greek God shape, what more can you ask for from a training program?

This was my first ever workout. I specifically set out to record all of my workouts in order to keep motivated. I had never intended it for much else but as the months have passed I’ve picked up a humble following of some great people. My subscribers help keep me motivated even when I feel like there’s no point to my training.

3 months normalBefore I started the training I looked sickly and not just because of my recent muscle and strength loss. I felt horrible and there was this consistent dull look to my face. This is quite contrary to my usual appearance. I wanted to feel strong again. I wanted to look good and not feel like a child in my own clothes. Damn…I got skinny.


Three months in now and BICEPS! I finally have awesome biceps. I didn’t even know that I could get them to develop into the kind of square looking shape. All I’d ever managed was a bit of a line in a certain light and somewhat of a lump…



ExerciseI kept consistent with my workouts and started to feel my body filling out…

start of deltsThis was the moment I started to notice my shoulders weren’t just flat anymore.

More delts

I kept pressing forward with my shoulder training.

deltoidsDeltoids are looking pretty jacked!

How the hell can  this be possible while still staying lean? This program is amazing!


Check out my YouTube Channel- The Checklist to follow my progress.

Check out this program at www.kinobody.com

Feel free to email me at TheChecklist94@gmail.com if you have any questions.



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