From Novice to Bodybuilder- Week 2- In Too Deep


From Novice to Bodybuilder- Week 2- The Sum 41 Edition

I always promised that when writing this series I would be honest, so here it is. This week has been a total roller coaster between Uni, personal matters and work. As a result fitting in the gym and eating correctly into anything resembling a schedule has been difficult.

In my mind before clarifying this with the proper sources, all bodybuilders did was work on the betterment of their bodies. All they did was work out, eat and sleep. There was no work, no personal commitments and nothing personal in the way. That made me believe that i was in too deep and listen to Sum 41 a bit too much. If you think all someone does is work out, with no commitments, and yet you have to rearrange commitments and organise yourself you are going to think that it is impossible. If someone has two hours to do something and only just meets their goals in it, and you have 45 minutes of course that seems hard. I talked to my other half about this, who explained that it’s all about balance and having firm commitments. They told me that body builders do have jobs and families and commitments, they are just accustomed to being very organised about them and that eating and going to the gym should be thought of like work. So now I’m going to commit to all of this stuff, like it is my job and balance all my commitments in a unique and fun way… I’m sure.


However, this wasn’t the only daunting aspect of my week. This week I had no sleep between Monday and Tuesday due to the fact that I went to the gym after work on Monday and got keyed up to the point that 1am passed, followed by 2,3,4,5, and 6am. I had half an hour sleep between 8.30am and 9am when I went to Uni and then to work. My sleep pattern remained off, I was overtired on Tuesday and Wednesday and only caught up with my sleep at the weekend. This made me question my routine a lot of times. Was it better to nap and raise my sleep levels, or go to the gym to keep up with fitness levels? I have since learned that 100% your goal should always be to get enough sleep or risk fucking up your body and hampering your progress, and I thankfully realised this decision even before clarifying this. But, it was still up for debate in my head because I have been using spare hours to attend the gym like it is my prayer time, these hours were never for sleep and I didn’t want to lose the progress I had made because sleeping away time. However, I now know know that it was the right decision and that by regulating my sleep and being caught up and not chronically sleep deprived, it will actually help me progress quicker.


With the turn of a new calendar week, I began again with gusto and standardised my workout programme. My eating consisted of a meat and two vegetables, filling a plate, and cutting out some of the junk I’ve been prone to eating. I also figured out my workout programme and set a comprehensive programme for my legs- which I will list below.

Rowing Machine

As a warm up 1min 30 seconds+

Leg Extensions

Set 1- 10 reps at the maximum weight you can do. (For me this is 18kg)

Set 2- 10 really slowly done reps at one below the maximum weight you can do (For me this is 11kg)

Set 3- As many reps as you can at the maximum weight you can do.

Set 4- As many really slow reps as you can do at the weight below your maximum.

Leg Press

Set 1- 10 reps at a low weight you’re comfortable doing (Personal 25kg)

Set 2- 10 reps at the next weight above from that. (32 kg)

Set 3- 10 reps at the next weight above that still (39kg)

Set 4- As many reps as you can do at the weight above as usually this is the point where discomfort occurs. (45kg)

Set 5- As many reps as you can do at the maximum weight you can do (59 kg)

Seated Leg Curl

Repeat the same process as you did with Leg extensions, for me this was 18kg and 25kg for max and minimum weights.

Back Extension

I have included this in every workout so as to strengthen my back for my job as a baker and lessen back pain. I did 30 reps at a comfortable weight in one set.

Weighted Lunges

I use two dumb bells at heaviness 5 to hold and lunge for 10 lunges on each leg, strengthening and also aiding the stretching out of the muscles.

Kettle Bell Squats

I do two sets of 10 reps of squats while swinging an 8kg kettle bell from between my legs to shoulder height as I rise with a slight pause in between the sets.

Calf Press

Repeat the same set structure as advised with leg presses. I do 32 kg, 39kg, 45kg and 52kg for this.


This is a crucial part of any workout to help and protect muscles.


So at least I have one firm workout that I can measure my progress against! I’m still trying to come up with a routine for my arms though, and will let you know what I come up with when I have it finalised by my next post.


See you next week on week 3!

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