Garlic Butter (Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free)


Garlic Butter- The Simplest Way to Add Interest to Food


Garlic butter is something that not many of us would give thought to. However, this is a general cooking ‘hack’ all of us can add flavour to the blandest of flavours, help spruce up otherwise uninteresting meals with side dishes, and even add subtle flavours to compliment our most special of dishes. It really is worth knowing, using and perfecting as it is a great simple way to pack in delicious flavour. Moreover, for all our dairy-free readers out there, this recipe comes with alternatives for you.


Garlic Cloves

Butter, or for those with a dairy-allergy, a dairy free alternative


With this recipe it is incredibly difficult to gauge how much garlic and butter you would need as it is a matter that is to taste. However, we would suggest two-three garlic cloves to every 50g of butter depending on how strong the garlic is and the size of the cloves. This will give a mild garlic kick to any dish. For a stronger taste, add more, and obviously for a weaker strength, less.



1)   Crush your garlic in either a pestle and mortar or alternatively with the back end of a rolling pin until the garlic begins to release it’s oils and you can smell the garlic flavour.

2)    Proceed to very finely chop the garlic cloves, and place into a bowl to await the butter.

3)    The butter needs a preparation of sorts now. The butter needs to be soft, malleable and mixable so if you are using cooking butter or a particularly hard ‘spreadable’ fat I would suggest placing in a microwavable bowl and softening it for a few seconds until it is softer. Literally this need only be 10-20 seconds in some cases.

4)    Empty the now softened butter into the dish and mix thoroughly until both are blended into a smooth consistency.

5)    Voila! Garlic butter!


This recipe is also useful because if you make too much, or like me can be inherently lazy and don’t want to make it every time you fancy adding flavour, mould the butter into blocks or cubes, wrap in cling film and either refridgerate or freeze the blocks. Then when you’re cooking you simply have to add the blocks into whatever your making and the heat will defrost it quickly.


Garlic bread is the perfect accompaniment to any Italian Meal. I’d go as far as to say that Garlic bread is the perfect snack, and is good with anything. However, often we find shop-bought garlic bread tastes too processed and can be too strong or too weak tasting. However, the secret of this side dish lies in Garlic Butter! Meaning that if you want to make garlic bread you can simply buy a baguette or petit pains and spread the butter on, and toast for delicious garlic bread. Moreover, if you have a gluten/wheat allergy this recipe can again be adjusted by simply using gluten free rolls, or baguettes and this simple butter recipe.

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