Basic Gluten-Free, Dairy Free Sponge Cake


At some point in your life it will be someone’s birthday, and if they’re a good friend or you’re hard up skint, or simply kind, a cake is an inexpensive way to show you care, whilst saving your money. However, if your friend is allergic to wheat or dairy (see the bottom of recipe for notes on this) it can be incredibly difficult to know how to bake a cake for them, so we have compiled my favourite sponge recipe, an age old family recipe for any advice on the matter you may need. It may not be the healthiest of products, but it sure as heck tastes good.

Serves 8


8 oz/230 grams of butter (a spread like flora works best)

8oz/230 g caster sugar

8oz/230 g gluten free self raising flour (all good supermarkets should have this)

4 eggs (one for every two ounces)


For Decoration

Icing Sugar






1)   Pre-heat your oven to gas mark 6 or 220oC.

2)   Cream the butter, with the sugar until a very pale pastel yellow is achieved.

3)   Crack the eggs into the mix and add the flour before mixing them into the mixture until a smooth mixture is achieved. You’ll know your mix is the perfect consistency if it is not too runny and not too thick. If you remove your spoon with some mix on it, and the mixture runs off and into the bowl, but is thick enough that you can see where it has dropped onto the top of the mix. If it is too thick add a smidge of water, if it is too thin more flour.

4)   Grease two cake tins and sprinkle the inside with flour and pour the mixture between the two tins.

5)   Place your cakes into the oven for 20-35 minutes or until it is golden brown. A top tip for making sure it is done is to stab the middle with a knife and if the knife comes out clean with no mixture residue on it, then the cake is done.

6)   When the cakes are cool, generously spread jam between the layers of cake and stack one cake on top of the other.

7)   Mix icing sugar and water together until a nice spreadable consistency is achieved and spread it on top of the cake.


The good thing about this sponge mix is it can very easily become dairy-free by switching the butter to a dairy-free, soya butter alternative as is available in most supermarkets, but also that it is versatile. If you want to make this into a chocolate cake, simply add hot chocolate powder to taste. If you want to make cupcakes, spoon the mixture into cupcake cases. Add fruit, add cherries, add chocolate chip and just get creative.


Here we are showing you how to do it!

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